Our Approach

To us engineering is more than just making a structure stand

Our solutions go beyond the pragmatic, using creativity and flexibility to enhance the design.

Recognising the importance of the engineer as a member of the design and construction team, we are often appointed at the earliest opportunity so that we can contribute at the outset.

We love to push the boundaries of our profession to produce innovative and elegant solutions.

We think hard

We relish a challenge and willingly invest time to fully understand a project so that we can anticipate and resolve issues quickly and cost effectively.

We are holistic 

We fully understand the roles, and limitations, of others in the design and construction team and how our contribution and integration can enhance success.  We see it as our job to remain on hand and involved throughout. 

We provide fully integrated engineering solutions

With both civil and structural engineering expertise we are able to provide fully integrated solutions for any project and as a result we have worked with many of the leading architectural practices, developers, contractors, interior designers, artists and sculptors.

We are responsive

We recognise the pressures of delivering projects and are committed to delivering with flexibility to make things work in a fast and efficient manner.

We love to draw

From free hand sketches to the latest 3D design techniques and Building Information Modelling (BIM) our team is highly skilled at all elements of the drawing process and ensure that our client can fully visualise and test proposed solutions.

We care about the environment

We have a strong commitment to sustainable design, proactively encouraging environmentally sound and economic solutions across all our work.