Environmental Policy

Elliott Wood Partnership is a firm of consulting civil and structural engineers that provide an excellent level of service for our stakeholders on the design of a variety of building types.  Projects vary in size from small extensions to large buildings and major refurbishments and use a wide variety of materials and construction techniques. 

The engineering of all construction solutions has an environmental impact in terms of the materials that are used, the impact of the building on its location, the buildings use and its long term legacy. Elliott Wood has always contributed to innovative, often award winning solutions that addressed such issues through our own ambitions and historically because of clients and designers wanting to address them. In recent years an awareness of the construction industry’s impact on the built environment has resulted in legislation that has forced the industry to consider and design for such issues and this legislation is ever changing and becoming increasingly more stringent. Our challenge is to keep pace with the changes and be well informed during the design process to enable us to contribute effectively to the wider debate.

A recurring question is “What difference can civil and structural engineers make; surely it is the M&E engineer’s role to do this?”  Our answer is that great buildings need great design teams, great builders and most importantly great clients; it is a team process that allows more sustainable solutions to be found.  Our role in this process is to be aware of the issues and to understand the basic principles of building physics and building construction generally.

Our impact on the environment is not only what we do with our jobs but also how we go about doing it.  This extends to:-

  • Health and wellbeing in and around our offices
  • CO2 emissions resulting from our building energy and transport associated with our operations (commuter and business travel)
  • Use of water
  • Resource use including waste management, consumables and other procurement
  • Pollution to air and water arising from our operations
  • Our internal management procedures
  •  Management of our suppliers and contractors

Elliott Wood is committed to continual improvement and will take measures through our Learning and Development procedures to progressively limit the impact of our business on the environment, addressing the concerns of our stakeholders. We will adopt appropriate measures to achieve this, and will keep all procedures under review. We will regularly review our suppliers and reduce the environmental impact of our purchasing and procurement. We will comply with all applicable legal requirements and other requirements to which we subscribe and remain committed to preventing pollution.