University of Kent – Cornwallis East Building

This project involved the construction of a new flexible multi-use building on the University of Kent’s Canterbury campus. The structure contains a mixture of office, teaching and open plan areas, and comprises a four storey steel frame with a three storey section providing a link into an adjoining existing building.

Precast concrete floors with exposed soffits create uninterrupted 12m spans, allowing for future layout changes and a fast construction programme.

Minor alterations to the adjoining building are proposed to form a two storey bridge link, utilising the existing core and facilities while allowing pedestrian access at ground floor into the proposed courtyard and parking areas.

Civil Engineering works involve the diversion of the below ground services and the introduction of sustainable drainage systems, as well as vehicle tracking to ensure the nearby bus stop and car park are effective in the proposed scheme.



Architect: Hawkins Brown

Client: University of Kent

Images by: Jack Hobhouse & Elliott Wood

This project is listed under: Education & Community