Maximising assets – Flip It

Maximising assets


At Elliott Wood we specialise in deciphering complex development sites, challenging site constraints to facilitate bolder solutions that other engineers might shy away from.  

Historic sewers and London Underground Limited infrastructure are just two obstacles that can drive a design team to adopt a conservative approach that ultimately compromises the gross development value of a site.

For Derwent Valley Property Developments’ Holden House project on London’s Oxford Street, our ‘flip-it’ approach meant that rather than stay well away from the assembled constraints posed by the Central line, Mail Rail tunnels and safeguarded, future Crossrail 2 routes, we advised pushing the building envelope below ground to create additional basement floors.

Through clever engineering and collaboration with statutory consultees and specialist ground movement engineers GCG, our team designed an additional four basement storeys comprising 5,980m2, which resulted in a significantly greater return on our client’s investment, irrespective of additional development costs.