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What if we use timber?


Steel and concrete deliver wonderful structural solutions for residential and office buildings but they are also time consuming, energy demanding and generate significant CO2 emissions.

Increasingly, we are encouraging clients to reconsider wood, one of the world’s oldest and strongest building materials. Modern timber buildings including cross laminated timber (CLT) frames are structurally strong, durable, versatile, highly insulative, fire retardant and they look great.

By swapping steel and concrete for timber, more and more developers are realising the significant economic and environmental benefits of faster, sustainable construction and lower CO2 emissions.

Speak to our specialist CLT group to find out more. 

Reinforced Concrete

Concrete 5510 t
Steel 220 t
Timber -
Foundations 1080 t





Steel & Metal Deck

Concrete 900 t
Steel 380 t
Timber -
Foundations 640 t

Steel & Precast Deck

Concrete 1720 t
Steel 400 t
Timber -
Foundations 730 t

Cross Laminated Timber

Concrete 0 t
Steel 95 t
Timber 655
Foundations 540 t