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Chelsea Flower Show 2019


We were delighted to have worked on not one but two gardens as part of this year’s impressive Chelsea Flower Show, celebrating nature’s resilience and regeneration prowess. Unseen in both pieces, the engineering works developed and implemented by our teams are a celebration of the almost lost craft of engineering.

Chelsea Flower Show 2019

The M&G Garden - Best in Show winner

Celebrating nature’s extraordinary power to regenerate and thrive in a wide variety of landscapes around the planet, the 2019 M&G Garden showcases pioneering plant species from around the world, which can also thrive in a British climate.

We worked with Andy Sturgeon and the Crocus team to design the steel posts and foundations for the striking sloping burnt oak sculptures. The large oak pieces that slice through the woodland planting were inspired by Andy’s trip to Australia, where he was overcome by the beauty of its beach rock formations, and by a Japanese technique. Combined with the English ironstone, sourced from the nearby Cotswolds, the sculptures offer a contrasting dramatic backdrop to the vibrant green of the plants, while defining visitor paths and resting places. The theme of regeneration and new life is embedded throughout, the small pools and clear streams flowing through into a tranquil pool.

The garden itself is a sculpture in its entirety, architectural while using natural materials.

Chelsea Flower Show 2019
Chelsea Flower Show 2019,

Chelsea Flower Show 2019

The Resilience Garden - Best Construction Award and Gold Medal winner

To celebrate the Forestry Commission’s centenary, rather than looking back, through the Resilience Garden visitors are invited to look ahead and consider the challenges facing our forests. How will our woodlands survive a dramatically changing climate?

Designed to raise awareness of the challenges faced by our forests, the garden features exotic species alongside native ones. The selected plants are expected to thrive in changing habitats, predicting the incipient dramatic effects of climate change on our environment. We worked with Sarah Eberle and the Crocus team to design the foundations while advising on the lateral stability of the grain silo, the stand-out feature of the garden amongst the wide-ranging species of flowers.

Chelsea Flower Show 2019

If you’re still looking to make weekend plans, do make sure to visit this year’s Chelsea Flower Show!