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Elliott Wood at RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Elliott Wood have provided structural engineering input into this year’s M&G garden at RHS Chelsea Flower Show working with James Basson of Scape Design, Peter Harket of Crocus, and the Malta based stone supplier.


‘Inspired by an abandoned Maltese quarry, The M&G Garden features monumental blocks of limestone planted with grasses, evergreens, perennials and ground cover unique to the arid Mediterranean island. The plot is divided into a series of zones, each with its own ecology, from shrubland through garrigue landscape to cliff top. The message behind the designer’s creation is that humans need to take action to preserve the fragile environment of our planet. Sustainable water disposal, recycling and composting: all are vital if Malta is to save its distinct and delicate landscapes.’

Our involvement includes designing the steel frames for two very tall stone clad planters which dominate the garden, details for a 1.5m deep quarry pool and stone clad walls and planters around the garden perimeter. The largest planter is a massive 8.5m in height, weighing nearly 18 Tonnes and was assembled in pre-clad sections.

The ground conditions below the garden plot were poor due to the local vicinity of the lost river Westbourne; there were restraints on excavation depths near tree roots and a desire to minimise the use of concrete within the ground as all foundations need to be removed. Helifix piles to a depth of 11m were used to provide support to the planters, and will be removed after the 2017 Chelsea flower Show.