International women in engineering day – Latest

International women in engineering day

International women in engineering day (INWED18) takes place on Saturday 23rd June 2018. The international awareness day is to support, inspire, celebrate and raise the profile of women in engineering. It is an opportunity to draw attention to the careers in engineering for girls and young people and to celebrate the achievements of women engineers.

Currently, the UK has the lowest percentage of female engineering professionals in Europe, at 11%, while Latvia, Bulgaria and Cyprus lead with nearly 30% and unfortunately recent statistics show that the proportion of young women studying engineering and physics has remained virtually static since 2012.

At Elliott Wood we are trying to play our part in inspiring the younger generation, both male and female. Penny Gowler is attending a STEM careers day at St John's Primary School in Kingston as part of an all-female panel of professionals working in STEM careers and this is something we are looking to do more of. Earlier this month, Elliott Wood took part in the Open House Families event aimed at educating and inspiring children to get more involved with STEM.

There are a large number of events being run across the UK in support of INWED18, more information can be found here.