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IStructE Awards – Alfriston School Swimming Pool

The design of our ‘floating’ timber roof structure for Alfriston School Swimming Pool has been commended in the ‘Education or Heathcare’ category at the IStructE Awards.

Elliott Wood worked with Duggan Morris Architects to replace the existing pool structure with an up to date facility. One of the key project challenges was to provide a clear-spanning structural solution that allowed maximum off-site prefabrication. Structural changes included realising the complex geometries in the roof and maintaining an open soffit. A system of panels was developed using cross laminated timber boarding fixed to glue laminated beams. The roof panels act as structural elements spanning the swimming pool and provide stability. Small diameter steel columns were designed to act to cantilever from the reinforced concrete retaining walls, transferring the vertical and horizontal loads from the roof structure. This method eliminates any cross-bracing and minimises the visual structure giving the appearance of the floating roof.