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Open House Families with Elliott Wood


Open House Families is London’s brand-new festival of architecture, held exclusively for children and their families and designed to inspire the next generation of city-shapers.

Kids were invited to create, make and build with their families by taking part in a wide range of hands on activities in and around London’s incredible architecture such as the Gherkin, Gasholder park by King’s Cross, The Royal Academy, St Paul’s Cathedral, The National Gallery, Here East and The V&A.

With more than 50 hands-on workshops including craft and design activities, engineering experiments, architectural tours and storytelling sessions, children learnt about their city and how it is created.

Open House Families with Elliott Wood
Open House Families with Elliott Wood

They’re Flat-Packing Pavilions in the East

On the 10th June our engineers went down to Here East to explore some of the latest techniques of digital fabrication and parametric design. Working with kids and parents alike, the families designed individual flat pack cardboard pavilions. Each of the 154 segments were pre-cut, scored and numbered. The tabs that connected each panel were folded with ties threaded through the tabs to connect the pieces. We also challenged children to see who could create the tallest tower using only paper straws and masking tape.

Hopefully the event has inspired a few of our younger audience to get interested in engineering - so that they too can play their role in Engineering a Better Society!

Open House Families with Elliott Wood

Open City for the launch of Open House Families on 6 June

Elliott Wood CEO, Gary Elliott, along with a number of other Elliott Wood staff attended the Open City launch of Open House Families on 6th June. Gary was asked to do a short speech on the importance of encouraging young people to explore and understand the career options within science, technology, engineering, and math (STEAM). Below is a snippet of his talk from the night.

“Children often form their ideas about their careers at very early ages. By the time they reach secondary school, many have already been turned off by STEM. Art has now been added to this list to create STEAM which is great news as it recognises the creativity, innovation and imagination that will be needed in the engineers of the future.

Facilities like this one here at UCL Here East are a great example of how we can engage and foster inquiring, dynamic and creative thinkers that our industry so desperately needs now and in the future. I quote one of our members of staff that studied here 4 years ago “In addition to the strong academic engineering skills acquired here together with an emphasis on creative thinking, there is a drive to show how engineering can affect and benefit society”

This is the year of Engineering. A celebration of what engineers do and more importantly should do in the future. We should use this year to inspire the next generation of engineers.”

Elliott Wood has been a supporter of Open House for the last fourteen years, we believe it is a fantastic opportunity to raise the profile not just of London’s incredible skyline and architecture, but the engineering behind them to those that may not be immersed in our world.