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Cycle to MIPIM Q&A


Cycle to MIPIM Q&A

6 days on a bike, 1,500km ridden. Now that the cyclists have recovered, we take a chance to ask them a few questions.

Emily Ahlers and Toby Allen rode from London to Cannes in what was the 14th edition of the Legal & General Real Assets Cycle to MIPIM 2019. Meanwhile Jono Martin joined a small contingent of riders trying out a new route, from Bari, Italy. Excited as he was, it started with a 4am flight to Italy…..

Jono Martin

Jono, you did a different new route this year from Bari to Cannes? How was it? How many people were on the ride?

It was so amazing! 20 pioneers trailing a new route with more of a club ride feel. No motorbike outriders and lead car. Just bike riders with satnavs traveling Italy! What could go wrong…! The scenery was breathtaking at times with mountain top views and Tuscan countryside. The weather was warm so I even got a tan! And don’t get me started on the Italian food…..

How was it compared to the ride from London? Do you think this would be a good alternative going forward for the more hardcore cyclists?

Definitely. It offers a more challenging route with different views, hills to climb and warmer weather. Cyclist love going to new places and exploring different roads, and this certainly provided that. This was my favourite ride to Cannes yet and the smaller group size does add an extra dynamic with great camaraderie. It did mean our time in the saddle was not as long with some nice lunch stops, so it felt easier on the body (bottom) but harder on the legs!

Your ‘don’t forget’ item?

Suncream! A lot of burnt faces, arms and legs after day one (not me though)!

Emily Ahlers

Two years in a row Emily! How did you find it compared to last year? And do you plan on making it an annual thing?

The ride was definitely easier this year as I knew what to expect, although I wouldn’t use the word “easy” to describe many aspects of it! I was more organised, meaning more time available for sleeping (or to spend in the bar), and the best thing was I knew which stages were the ones not to miss.

I would definitely be up for a third year but I think I will need to get to the back of the queue behind the other cyclists in the office!

As one of the few women taking part, would you encourage more women to get involved?

Absolutely. Gender doesn’t even come into it, it’s just a great challenge for a great cause! Because of the way the ride is set up as a relay, you can ride 120km per day which is achievable (albeit a serious challenge) for a beginner cyclist. A more experienced cyclist can choose to ride more. So whether you’re male or female, you have 5 bikes or you’ve never ridden before, the ride offers something for everybody. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the experience to anyone.

Your ‘don’t forget’ item?

Re-hydration tablets are a bit of a win-win - good for hydrating on the bike and also for the after effects of any local French wines. As it was my birthday half way through the ride this was a great tip!

The cyclists are fundraising for Cyclists Fighting Cancer, MSA Trust, Tom's Trust and Coram. Over the years, the ride has contributed to Club Peloton’s total grants of more than £3.4 million. This year, they are aiming to beat the £1.3 million in grants given to Coram. Please donate here:

Cycle to MIPIM Q&A
Cycle to MIPIM Q&A
Cycle to MIPIM Q&A
Cycle to MIPIM Q&A