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We need your vote for the ASBP Awards 2022!

The Structural Carbon Tool we developed with The Institution of Structural Engineers is in the running for the Alliance for Sustainable Building Products Awards 2022! Click on the link below to vote for the tool in the 'Initiatives' category.

We'd greatly appreciate it if you could take a moment and vote for it here: https://www.surveylegend.com/survey/-MvFJqLaW5yBaU7RW0dQ

The Structural Carbon Tool is an open-source carbon estimator that we created to help structural engineers minimise the use of new materials in projects. We donated the tool to the industry for free because we wanted to help shift the industry towards making embodied carbon calculations the norm, and to empower smaller engineering firms to reduce the embodied carbon of their designs. Since its launch, it's been downloaded over 6000 times, making it the Institution of Structural Engineers's most downloaded resource of 2021. The tool is currently been upgraded in line with revisions to How to Calculate Embodied Carbon and will be re-released in March.

Check out a one-minute video about the tool at the awards page here and wish us luck for 17th Feb when the winners will be announced: https://asbp.org.uk/asbp-news/...