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The world's largest installation of a modular GRID system

When designjunction announced plans to create a ‘super façade’ structure at its London show in Kings Cross this September, Elliott Wood were brought in to provide the structural strategy. The façade, designed by Satellite Architects, alongside Danish design curators, Icons of Denmark used the modular and versatile GRID system by Danish designer Peter J. Lassen to create a spectacular entrance to Cubitt House.

Spanning 70m long by 7m high the façade uses a scaffold-like grid system to wrap around an existing screen of trees and bushes. To achieve this challenging structure, GRID was used; this is a multi-functional modular interior system. With such versatility, GRID allows complex structures to be created with relative simplicity. Testament to this was the assembly of over 4,000 black and white GRID cubic frames, making it the largest installation of GRID in the world.

The façade comprises of over 4,000 lightweight, versatile modules (400 x 400 x 400mm), featuring slender 12mm nylon frames, transitioning from black at the base to white at the top, creating a pixelated effect when contrasted against the sky. It also holds an array of panels which are orientated to reflect and provide a glimpse of the foliage beyond.

Elliott Wood carried out a detailed analysis of the façade to ensure an unobtrusive restraining scaffold could be erected and disassembled within the limited programme. Openings in the façade also allow the existing foliage to remain untouched and ensure no lasting impact on the site.

A time lapse of the construction of the Cubitt House façade, a collaboration between Elliott Wood, Satellite Architects and Oktra can be found here:

The world's largest installation of a modular GRID system