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  • Building Structures
  • Historical and listed structures
  • Building retrofit
  • Sustainable building design
  • Modern methods of construction
  • Bridges and Infrastructure
  • Basements
  • Temporary Works
  • Building Envelope
  • Timber Engineering
  • Expert Witness

Structural Engineering

We are passionate about revealing the hidden potential of structures, combining creativity with technical know-how to improve the structural performance of designs and reveal their true potential. We challenge ourselves to find solutions that make the engineering work harder for our clients, end users and the planet. Reducing waste and carbon emissions and making efficiencies in the pursuit of Engineering a Better Society.

We collaborate closely with design teams to bring their goals to life and deliver beautiful, efficient buildings. From ambitious long-span structures to developing innovative approaches that change the way we operate as an industry for the better.


  • Flood risk
  • Below ground drainage / Sustainable underground Drainage Systems
  • External works
  • Highways
  • Desktop studies
  • Services Coordination

Civil Engineering

We provide the full range of civil engineering services across industry sectors, advising on anything from heritage restoration and transport networks to bridge building and water systems. With a combination of technical and creative thinking, we design structures that meet the desired outcome for clients in terms of cost, safety, reliability, durability and energy efficiency.

Our work in shaping the built environment is centred on our commitment to Engineering a Better Society. Our specialists respond inventively to the challenges of civil engineering projects, creating effective solutions that will cater for the rapidly evolving needs of our communities. We partner with like-minded collaborators to make a positive impact, unlocking the commercial and social potential of our clients’ assets.


  • Travel plans
  • Transport statements
  • Construction method statements
  • Delivery strategy and advice
  • Access appraisals
  • Transport notes


At Elliott Wood we combine our expertise in planning and design to advise on all transport aspects of a development, from the initial feasibility study through to completion.

Our transport planning services involve preparing, assessing and implementing policies and plans. They centre on an understanding of the link between transport and land use, in particular the future shape of our towns and cities, and the activities which people want to undertake to meet quality of life objectives. It is also about changing people's attitudes towards travel to encourage use of sustainable modes, engineering a healthier, and happier society.

Adding value through BIM

  • We have a simple approach to BIM, one that seeks to remove any ambiguity from the BIM process. We advise on the correct BIM approach for your project, outline the required strategy for the team and support your team to achieve the desired project outcomes.

  • When materials captured in building models are modelled accurately, we can explore how existing materials on a site can either be kept in situ, re-used elsewhere on the site, or recycled to be re-used elsewhere in construction, rather than downcycled into lower grade materials or even worse, landfill.

  • Modelling in 3D allows the team greater visibility of potential risks. H&S information can be automatically tabulated to allow the project team to review, assess and communicate the hazards and risks associated with the project more effectively.

  • Sharing information is intrinsic to BIM, creating a common data environment where project information is housed, improving the way information is shared and managed during the design and construction phases.

  • A Digital Twin is a realistic digital representation of a physical asset. Changes and new ideas are tested on the Digital Twin to measure the effect that they may have on the real world. Testing on the digital before the physical means that action can be taken to save time, cost and minimise disruption for everyone involved on a project.

  • We work with leading surveying companies to provide a detailed survey scope that will consider all forms of geospatial survey requirements, including topographical and measured building surveys, underground utility and tunnel surveys as well considering how drone technology, point clouds, and photogrammetry models can be utilised on your project.

  • BIM supports a strategy for whole-life thinking, taking account of operational and cost requirements and futureproofing. It can be used for facilities management, to link maintenance and operational planning systems and inform capital and lifecycle costs.

  • Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) include a range of offsite manufacturing and onsite techniques that provide alternatives to traditional construction methods. By modelling buildings early, MMC can be considered, from whole homes being constructed from factory-built volumetric modules, through to the use of innovative techniques for laying concrete blockwork onsite.

  • The BIM Coordinator role is key in the smooth running of projects. Our team ensures collaboration and stakeholder engagement from the start, working with the project team to determine objectives and offer advice throughout the BIM process.


Building Information Modelling (BIM) has helped revolutionise information sharing, enabling project teams to collaborate and communicate seamlessly and efficiently.

While the benefits in relation to risk management, productivity, construction time scales and cost savings make a clear case for its use throughout the project lifecycle, BIM is also a powerful tool that can drive our industry towards achieving net zero carbon targets and a circular economy in construction. It is an important catalyst for change in our efforts to understand how to do better things for the planet and encourage the use of sustainable materials and construction methods.

We are strategic partners of the UK BIM Alliance and also chair the Institute of Structural Engineers BIM Panel. Our in-house specialist BIM team provides the full range of services to allow project teams to make well informed decisions faster, achieve more efficient and effective designs and deliver buildings that can be built and managed more sustainably.

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