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A service. What does that really mean? A department? A specialism? With projects so complex, and challenges so great, we believe thinking in silos isn’t enough – because then opportunities can be missed. It’s why we work holistically, before the beginning of a project. Looking through the lens of each of our specialisms even before Stage 0 of a project.

We do this to Reveal the insights needed to make an impact, because it’s not a case of materials, be it concrete or timber. There are so many other challenges from Biodiversity to Reuse. So think of our Services as more a living, breathing organism. One that ebbs and flows. Can shift and be dynamic. That connects the dots. Working together for the good of every project.

Because every service we offer informs the other. And together they can solve the challenges we need to face. Each one bringing new thinking to old problems. So let’s think again about Service. Before it’s too little, too late...

Structural Engineering

From Timber to Masterplanning. Find out more here

Development Infrastructure

From Flood risk assessments to Cut and Fill Analysis. Find out more here


From Circular Economy Consultancy to Material Passports. Find out more here


From Transport Planning advice to Highway & Public Realm Design. Find out more here


Find out more here