Introducting ETHICS

A Manifesto for Change


Historically, engineers have always helped facilitate change to respond to demand.

The ability to see both the big picture, solve the detail and make things happen underpinned the first three industrial revolutions.

Looking ahead we need a paradigm shift to allow us to focus our engineering solutions on the things that need it most.

What sectors and strands of our industry need most help? Which of those can counter the issues we face or are contributing most widely to them?

To help us do this, we have created a platform called ETHICS — Education, Technology, Health, Infrastructure, Culture and Sustainability.

Six broad pillars that provide a framework for understanding the challenges and creating solutions. Together, they define Governments and the decisions they make which drive all aspects of our lives today.

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Elliott Wood ETHICS Manifesto

Elliott Wood ETHICS Manifesto

This is an open manifesto for those who seek change. For the thinkers, dreamers and doers.

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