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Even Better with B Corp

We're extremely proud to announce that Elliott Wood is a certified B Corporation!

When we first set our ambition to ‘Engineer a Better Society’, B Corp – or the idea of being a purpose-led business – was still in its infancy in the UK.

We have always wanted to make a difference to our own team, community and industry. So, our B Corp certification is a great acknowledgement of the impactful initiatives and work we’ve delivered, as well as the way we operate as a business.

Our Chief Executive and Founder, Gary Elliott commented: “This accreditation celebrates Elliott Wood’s core values and purpose, further strengthening our commitment to Engineering a Better Society and operating in an ethical, inclusive, and sustainable manner. We are incredibly proud of our team and the achievements that have been recognised with our B Corp status, and we will continue to push boundaries, innovate, and lead by example, inspiring others in our industry to follow suit and have a positive impact on the world.”

What is B Corp?

B Corp is a global movement of businesses that provide leadership by demonstrating their commitment to people and the planet. There are now over 5,000 B Corps in 84 countries and covering 157 industries.

Together, they are shifting our global economy from a system that profits few to one that benefits all: advancing a new model that moves from concentrating wealth and power to ensuring equity, from extraction to generation, and from prioritising individualism to embracing interdependence.

To receive B Corp accreditation, we underwent a rigorous and comprehensive assessment of our company's practices and performance against the 5 themes of Workers, Environment, Community, Governance and Customers. We are proud to have scored above the minimum requirements, demonstrating our strong commitment to social and environmental stewardship.

What's next

From the Structural Carbon Tool to our collaborative coworking space at The Building Society, we back up our ambitions with action but there is still so much work left to do as we strive to be even better.

Director Lisa Drake commented: “The need for businesses to ensure they have a positive impact on people and the planet has never been more important and is fast becoming a non-negotiable. Becoming B Corp certified is as an important step in our journey as a practice, but it is not an endpoint. The ongoing passion and enthusiasm of our team in their pursuit of sustainability and social responsibility will see us continue to push ourselves and our industry to do better.”

So, we’re determined to continue delivering beyond the norm in our approach to engineering, the way we inquisitively work with others and deliver upon asking what if?

B Corp gives us a quantifiable framework and methodology to gauge and score these actions – to bring our clients along the journey, further deliver on our purpose – and inspire others to do the same.

We are excited about the opportunities this certification presents, including joining a collective of likeminded organisations in the Built Environment Working Group. A forum to collaborate with other certified organisations, accelerate positive change, discuss collective impact and share best practices across our industry.

Finally, we also want to express our gratitude to our clients, partners and stakeholders who have supported us on this journey. Your trust and encouragement have motivated us to push harder and set new standards of responsible business practices.

To learn more about our journey, collaborate with us, or get support with your own B Corp journey, please get in touch at info@elliottwood.co.uk.