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Bitesize BIM event series

Bitesize BIM event series

Using BIM to help deliver a circular economy

Do you really know what goes into your buildings and how you can manage it to reduce the impact on our planet?

Understanding how to design to create a circular economy is key in the built environment’s bid to achieve net zero. We have a real opportunity to do more as an industry to improve the sustainability and cost-effectiveness of projects by increasing the reuse of resources while reducing the amount of waste.

In our Bitesize BIM series, Steve Faulkner explains how to use buildings as material banks, implementing a ‘smart’ building approach to help monitor energy use and streamlining the transition of data between design, construction, and facilities management.

As well as demystifying the principles of BIM, Steve showcases examples from recent projects and research to help demonstrate how BIM can be used to deliver a circular economy. You can watch the four videos below.

Bitesize BIM session 1
BIM Basics - what do you actually need to implement on a project?

Bitesize BIM session 2
Smart buildings and utilising data and energy monitoring

Bitesize BIM session 3
Buildings as Material Banks

Bitesize BIM session 4
Designing with sustainability and deconstruction in mind

The event series was hosted online by The Building Society, our co-working space in Central London. Get in touch to talk about using BIM on your projects at