Engineering a Better Society


As Engineers, we constantly study and evaluate. Stepping back, we also see the bigger picture – economic, societal, health and environmental forces. These are issues deeply entwined with the Built Environment, both in cause and effect. We know we can engineer better buildings, so why not also apply our imaginations to Engineering a Better Society, culture and beyond?

The challenges we face are huge, but we’re excited by the opportunities they bring. We may not have all the answers, but we know the type of questions to ask. And together, we believe we can spark change, drive debate and shift mindsets – be it with small steps or giant leaps, today or tomorrow.

Time to do More is a rallying cry to the industry to do better things. For many years the industry has been bad – and I don’t use that word lightly - it is a hugely polluting industry. So we can’t keep doing the same things. It’s time to take our thinking to the industry and see if we can influence others to do better as well.

Gary Elliott Founder and CEO