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Development Infrastructure

Development Infrastructure

We are no ordinary engineers. We are a collective of award-winning infrastructure specialists, valued for our ability to create resilient infrastructure with positive social, environmental, and economic outcomes.

Intelligent infrastructure is the lifeblood of all developments due to its pivotal role in accessibility, serviceability, sustainability, and overall societal well-being. We advocate and lead collective change at a scalable level by designing adaptable and innovative infrastructure solutions.

From transport planning and highway engineering to external works and flood risk and water management, we reveal the opportunities of spaces and places.

Using a holistic and forward-thinking approach, we delve deep into projects, questioning and exploring all opportunities. This results in resilient, efficient, and creative solutions that Engineer a Better Society, whilst navigating the delicate balance between adopted policy, site conditions and stakeholder requirements.


Flood Risk & Water Management

We develop strategies and practices to mitigate the potential for flooding and effectively control surface water run-off. Minimising damage and ensuring sustainable use.

Transport Planning

We assess, design and coordinate multi-modal transport accessibility to improve mobility, accessibility and environmental sustainability of a development.

External works

We design access, landscape and external facilities around a development. Enhancing functionality, aesthetics and sustainability.

Highway Engineering

We design safe, efficient and functional modifications to the public highway to facilitate multi-modal accessibility on a development.

We’re working across brownfield sites, always looking to transform existing buildings and give them a new lease of life.

Paul Davis Director, Development Infrastructure

Our Approach

Holistic design

We maximise opportunity, cost efficiency and end user enjoyment by embedding a development’s infrastructure into every element of its built form. Avoiding isolated engineering interventions and siloed design.

Getting the right balance

We navigate the delicate balance between adopted policy, site conditions and stakeholder requirements. Carefully interpreting and testing relevant policies while accommodating the unique requirements of a site and aspirations of key stakeholders.

Opportunistic Vision

Our award-winning team’s expertise and experience allows us to identify and capitalise on opportunities, develop creative solutions, and overcome even the most complex sites.

Fostering Innovation

We are creative and technical problem solvers, inspiring clients and organisations to think differently about their spaces and places. Adopting new technologies, sustainable practices and adaptive strategies, embracing innovation to overcome challenges at speed and scale to ensure projects are fit for the future.

Development Infrastructure Portfolio

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