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Our Sustainability Services

Our Sustainability Services

Beyond delivering excellent sustainable capability to each project, we now offer Sustainability as a strategic consultancy in order to strengthen our impact further and bring together holistic, joined-up thinking across different disciplines.

We have focused on embodied carbon for many years and know how to comprehensively assess embodied carbon in our structures, but this doesn't go far enough. We believe that being involved in early decisions with our clients is where we can make real progress and Impact with greater returns.

The challenge of sustainability often requires broader thinking than just a creative response, so we must always consider economics, legislation and policy as other keys to unlock the problems. It’s why we pride ourselves on working collaboratively with other practices, academia and research institutions.

– Planning Reports and Certifications
– Circular Economy & Reuse
– Carbon assessments
– Corporate strategy for net zero
– Climate resilience and adaptation

You can find out more about our Sustainability services here.

We believe being involved in early decisions is where we can make real progress and Impact with greater returns both commercially and environmentally.

Penny Gowler Head of Sustainability and Director

The truth is that Sustainable thinking has never been so needed. Working across the built environment we are all too aware of the effect our work as Engineers can have upon the planet. In the UK alone, construction accounts for 60% of all materials used. Whilst across the world, cement production contributes to 8% of all carbon emissions. These facts are all too worrying, but through our 25+ years of expertise, we hope to Reveal opportunities that can tackle these huge challenges. We’ve started to do this already with some of the projects outlined below.

Sustainably-minded Projects

Our self-initiated Impact projects inform our day-to-day work greatly. Working with clients and partners alike, we’ve already been able to create resources for the industry – our Structural Carbon Tool estimates embodied carbon for any structure, whilst our Full Circle to Reuse guide offers practical steps on deconstructing buildings for their material re-use. Our self-initiated work continues to grow with ongoing commitments to schemes such as material passports and targeting zero waste from site. You can read more about some of these initiatives below.