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Art - opening your mind to other possibilities and realities

In the third video of our Engineering a Better Society series, NEON, an award winning design practice based in Margate, explore the space between architecture, design and the often unseen engineering behind it all.

"We live in quite divisive times, and what art is really good at is offering multiple perspectives which can open your mind to other possibilities or realities. To do things that look so effortless and aesthetic and beautiful, there’s often a lot of engineering behind them to make all that happen. It’s about maximising the potential and possibilities of the materials."

Viliina Koivisto and Mark Nixon, NEON

Our video series showcases reflections of some of the most influential figures in the built environment on how engineering contributes to a better society. The short films deliver a diverse array of thoughts and ideas from throughout our industry, including journalists, architects, designers, developers and of course engineers!

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