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Club Peloton Ride to MIPIM - Finish Line!


Day 6 - the final day. Everyone was excited but apprehensive to get out on the road with the promise of a tough but rewarding climb to take them out of Aix en Provence. The Portsmouth route left at 6am, followed shortly afterwards by the Folkestone route at 7am. Both completed the climb in fine style and were greeted with an incredible sunrise at the top, followed by a gorgeous descent through golden vineyards.

Both routes regrouped at lunch and made the descent into Cannes together to roll in as one peloton - a sight to be seen, with all 190 cyclists on the road together. Overall, it’s been an epic journey of mixed conditions and emotional highs and lows, but an incredible achievement by all. With 1,500km in the bag (and a few having completed 1,850km by doing the Northern Power-Leg as well) and an incredible fundraising total of more than £650,000 including Gift Aid, 2018 has been a year that everyone will remember (not only for the rain!).

And to close the day out, Elliott Wood held their famed MIPIM party in the Club Peloton Marquee.

Club Peloton Ride to MIPIM - Finish Line!