The IGLOO has landed – Virtual Reality at Elliott Wood – Latest

The IGLOO has landed – Virtual Reality at Elliott Wood

Continuing our trend of staying at the forefront of technology, we have been working in conjunction with B+R Architects and Igloo Vision to host a virtual reality event.

The event is showcasing the IGLOO, a 6m, 360° Visualisation Cylinder in which we can show projects that are yet to be built in virtual reality with a full 360° view. Clients are then given the ability to ‘walk’ around the building in using the latest Unity gaming engine.

The construction industry has moved quite fast in the virtual (and augmented) reality fields over the last few years, but we feel that clients are missing out on some of the benefits. Although clients can currently view models and walkthroughs on screen and even head mounted displays, being able to truly immerse themselves in the building model by utilising Unity within the ‘Igloo’, we are providing an insight to the future whilst showcasing the benefits that can be realised right now.

For more information about IGLOO and IGLOO Vision:

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