The M&G Garden, Chelsea Flower Show – Projects

The M&G Garden,
Chelsea Flower Show

The M&G Garden for this year's Chelsea Flower Show is designed to be a shared haven of natural beauty and wildlife where we need it the most: the busy urban environment. The aim of the project is to inspire communities, architects and developers to improve the quality of life and health for city dwellers by creating sustainable green space in their plans.

Designed by Harris Bugg Studio, it features plants and trees chosen for their tolerance to urban climate extremes and are interspersed with unusual and delicate planting to inject moments of ephemeral beauty. Structural planting includes the wild and naturalistic shapes and silvery leaves of sea buckthorn, commonly used as windbreaks; bursts of colour from black gum tree; and the small, fragrant, tubular flowers and red edible berries of autumn olive.

A naturalistic pool surrounded by violet-blue Iris sibirica aids run-off and flood prevention. The garden imagines an industrial past entwined with the positive benefits of nature. Mcmullan Studio designed a 100 linear metre network of steel pipes that weave playfully in and around the garden’s plants and trees. Made from reclaimed metal, the pipes are highly polished to reflect and amplify the planting and constantly changing light from both sky and city. Pipes are used to frame views, define different zones and improve biodiversity. It’s an example of an everyday object found in cities being transformed into something extraordinary. The result is a sensory experience that offers a much-needed escape from busy urban life.

Working alongside Harris Bugg Studio, McMullan Studio and Crocus on behalf of M&G, Elliott Wood provided parametric structural engineering input in the design of the steel frames and foundations.

The sculptural form of the tubular structure includes numerous twists, cranks and offsets, with supports discreetly located amongst the show garden planting.

The pipe structure was designed to be demountable and reconfigured to suit a permanent location and the specific needs of its surrounding community. Cost-effective, sustainable and adaptable, the urban pocket park underlines the importance of landscape design and architecture working together in a truly integrated way.

We're thrilled to continue in our tradition of working on some of the best gardens at the Chelsea Flower Show, after a pause in 2020. You can find about our past projects here:




The M&G Garden, Chelsea Flower Show
The M&G Garden, Chelsea Flower Show
The M&G Garden, Chelsea Flower Show