The Ned, 27-35 Poultry, London – Projects

The Ned, 27-35 Poultry,


The Midland Bank building is Grade I listed, originally designed by Lutyens and is located in the heart of the City of London, on Poultry. The building was constructed in the 1920’s and is an example of an early steel frame clad with brick and ashlar stone façades. 

The building was acquired by new owners in 2012 with the intention of transforming it into the Central London space for Soho House. Soho House has a worldwide reputation for the quality of their hotel and leisure facilities. Many of their current spaces are located within landmark historic properties and their sensitive reuse is a signature of the brand. 

The project is extremely complex and involves the installation of additional floors, a whole new core extending over 12 storeys down to basement -3 and a new swimming pool at roof level. The existing steel frame is also complex with many transfer structures supporting the upper level frames in a number of locations. These transfer structures had to be justified for  the significant increases in load.

The proposed Northern Line expansion is to run under the existing building directly under the new core. This has led to a raft solution being developed for the new foundation and required extensive discussions and approvals with both the Bank Station Upgrade team and the TfL Asset Protection team.